Oxford University Press has just released a free e-picture book  «Everybody Worries« for children who are feeling anxious about Coronavirus.

At a time of collective and international concern, our author and illustrator Jon Burgerman wanted to take positive action so created an original e-picture book to support parents and carers whose children are feeling worried about coronavirus and its effect on their lives.

«Everybody Worries»  offers comfort and reassurance with gentle rhyming text that lets children know their worries are valid as well as providing ways to help them feel less concerned.

Burgerman explains that he created the book after hearing parents worrying about how to discuss coronavirus with their young children: ‘I decided to write a book about worry and stress and how normal it is and how we can try and mitigate it. I think we might not acknowledge that small children worry as much as they do. Without a means of expressing their anxieties the stress can manifest and have adverse effects. It’s important to talk openly about what is going on and that the feelings we’re experiencing are being felt by a lot of people, and that by sharing (and caring!) for each other we can try and make it a little better’.

Click here to view the book.